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Our Shea Butter is 100% pure and natural as it is mechanically extracted without any chemicals and therefore retains the potency of the natural healing properties. Therefore our product can be classified as "Cosmeceutical".

The Ghanaian Company from which we source our Shea Butter, has collaborated with German engineering professionals to integrate top quality stainless steel equipment and chemical-free organic processes to produce top quality Shea Butter for the world industry of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food.

The mechanical extraction involves a process of purification which makes our Shea butter very special, special because, although our Shea butter is not refined, which means all the natural desirable components remains intact, it also has the advantage of being virtually free of all impurities thanks to the ingenuity of the engineering employed in producing the Shea butter.

The company adheres to Fair Trade practices, therefore when you buy from us, you are enabling the members of Brong Ahafo region in Ghana who work with the company to live a more dignified and fulfilling life and help them improve the lives of their families, communities and enhance their environment.

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